General Information

Conference Venue:
Royal Continental Congress Center
Via Partenope, 38-44
Naples, Italy

Date: October 20-22, 2015

Language & Simultaneous Translation:
The World Conference will be held in English. Simultaneous translation Italian/English & English/Italian will be provided in the main lecture hall

Climate: 21℃

Gala Get-Together Dinner:
Tuesday, October 20
(Dress – informal)
Price: €50

Farewell Dinner and Folklore Evening:
Wednesday, October 21
(Dress – informal)
Price: €65

Letter of Invitation:
Upon request, the Conference secretariat will supply participants with personal invitations to the World Conference. These invitations are meant to help visitors raise travel funds or obtain visas and do not represent a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide financial support.

Certificate of Participation:
A Certificate of Participation will be supplied upon request.

Important Notes:
ISAS International Seminars, Defla Organizzazione Eventi and all sponsors shall not be responsible for and shall be exempt from any liability in respect of any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay or inconvenience to any person, or luggage or any other property for any reason whatsoever, for any tourist services provided. Personal travel and health insurance is recommended.

Conference Secretariat:
ISAS International Seminars
POB 574
Jerusalem 9100402, Israel
Tel: +972-2-6520574
Fax: +972-2-6520558
Italian Conference Secretariat:
Defla Organizzazione Eventi
Via del Parco Margherita, 49/3
80121, Naples, Italy
Tel: +39 081402093
Fax: +39 0810606133

For Conference Registration & Accommodations:
For Info and Abstracts:
For Tours Information:
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